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How France welcomes certain foreigners
“On Monday morning the first participant in the Fora arrived on French soil. Nouhoum Keita represents the Radio Kayira network of community radios in Mali. He was stopped by the French police because he had his papers with him. Indeed, the policemen said to him, how can it be possible that an African traveller who lands at Paris to take a plane on to Marseille and whose pockets are not stuffed with money - a normal citizen in fact - can possess identity papers and a visa in order ? That must be fishy ! The result : controls, verifications, harassment... No more than the routine session of humiliation. The France which does not consider each and every individual, with or without papers, to be a citizen, and a process of globalisation which gives preference to the free circulation of oranges rather than to that of human beings have once again struck, reminding all of us involved in the Fora that it is this France and this form of globalisation which we have to be more efficient in combating.”
(excerpt from the fora gazette, n° 0, august 4, 1997)
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